20 Questions with HATCH

Hatch is the Seoul-based musical project of Canadian singer/songwriter Chad Michael Harnett.  His 2014 Cd Every Ounce is a must listen.  He was kind enough to sit down and answer our 20 Korea Guitar’s 20 Questions.

1.  Why do you play the guitar?

I think it’s always been a way for me to create songs.  It usually starts as the basis for all my tunes.

2.  What was your first guitar?

Gee, it’s hard to remember the brand name of it. I think it was called El Degas. It was a plain black guitar in the shape of a strat, but I think it had two humbuckers.   It was pretty bad, to be honest, but it lit the spark and got me interested in learning.
3.  Who was your biggest musical influence?
Some of my favourite artists are Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, The Tallest Man on Earth and Radiohead.  But if I have to choose one that has probably affected my music the most, I would have to say Radiohead.
4.  What was the first concert you ever saw?
I think the first legit concert I ever saw was I Mother Earth.
5.  Do you like kimchi?
Haha yes.
6. What’s your dream guitar?
I’ve got a list a mile long with the guitars I’d like to get.  Right now I’m looking at getting a (Fender)telecaster.  Ever since high school I wanted to get one, but all my friends had them and I didn’t want to be the same.  At that time I opted for a strat instead.  I’m not even sure if the exact model name, to be honest, but I want to get a black tele with the white trim around the edges.  I’d swap out the white pickguard for a tortoise shell one.  Maple or rosewood fretboards would be be fine! Know anybody who’s selling?
7.  List 5 albums that you think every guitar player should own?
For me, good guitar playing isn’t necessarily about how technically adept you are.  For me, a good guitar part really adds something to the song that wouldn’t be there without it.  Sometimes I’ll opt out of having a guitar in a song or a particular part if its not doing anything for me.  And since I’m not only a guitar player, its hard for me to answer that one.  I’ll list some albums that I’ve loved where guitar has played a significant role in my mind. Bon Iver by Bon Iver, OK Computer by Radiohead, Barchords by Bahamas, The Wild Hunt by the Tallest Man on Earth, and Highly Refined Pirates by Minus The Bear.  Hatch-Every Ounce
8.  Tell us about the best gig you ever played?
Best gig might have been the first gig I ever played.  My high school friends and I played a 2-song set for our high school talent show.  We had a pretty big school, so over 800 were in attendance.  After we covered Weezer‘s Say it Ain’t So and Radiohead’s The Bends, we got a standing ovation.  I think that got me hooked.
9.  How did your current band get started?
Well I’ve been writing songs every since I was about 16, but I only got serious about it and gave my songwriting project a name about 6 years ago.  The name comes from my late grandfather, who always really wanted me to write and play. When I moved to Korea I started recording my first real album and tried to put a band together.  I placed ads online and asked other musicians I knew. After some trials and tribulations we finally got a solid group together about six months to a year ago. We’ve got an eclectic group of people from all over the world with different musical backgrounds, but I think it makes for a good group.
(HATCH Band Members:
Chad Michael Harnett – Songwriter, Vocalist, Guitar Player
Rhiannon May Sheppard – Vocalist
Alberto Alba – Keyboardist
Kim Jong Hoon – Bassist
Joung Hye Kang – Drummer
Lee Kyeong Seob – Guitarist)
10. The Beatles or the Stones?  Why?
For me its the Beatles.  I do still love the Stones, but something about how the Beatles rocked the world really captures me.  I love their pop sensibility but also how they have that ability to rock out. And I really appreciate songwriters and songwriting and that band obviously had two of the best the world has had to offer.
11.  How is the music scene in Korea compared to back home?
Getting started in music in Korea is amazing, particularly in Seoul and the bigger cities.  There are cheap practice rooms everywhere and there are lots venues to play in. Both the practice studios and the venues have mostly all the equipment you need for a live show so you don’t need to worry about having the gear itself, having a van, or lugging it to various locations.  On top of that, because we are have a mix of foreigners and Koreans in our band, we have some novelty AND the ability to communicate and relate to people in the scene. That being said, I think real, independent artists can only go so far here.  The industry is dominated by the big entertainment companies churning out pop groups.
12.  What music on your mp3 player would surprise people the most?
Maybe my “Newfie” music, Blue Rodeo, Michael Buble, or Every Time I Die.
13.  Which Korean artists impress you?
I don’t know a whole lot about some of the bigger groups. There’s this really great live band that plays around Hongdae called Four Brothers.  And everyone should check out this all-female a cappella group called The Barberettes.
14.  What’s the best venue you’ve ever played?
Club FF in Hongdae is always hoppin’ during the free cocktail hour (which is the only time I’ve ever played there.)  The sound at Club Auteur in Hongdae is really great.  Also, a place called Radio Kitchen in Hongdae has great sound and a unique set up. 
15.   Gibson or Fender?  Why?
Fender!  I guess it more suits the music I play.
16.   If I handed you a guitar and asked you to play the first thing that came to your mind, what would you play?
A minor pentatonic scale? haha. In all seriousness, its usually its the most recent song I’ve been working on.
17.  Name the three most important things a guitar player should know?
I guess the basics would be what chords go well together and a few scales for improvising lead.  I think the best guitarists are the ones with the best musical sense.  I’ll take a guy who just “gets it” over a guy who has memorized every chord and scale in the book any day.
18.  What’s the greatest guitar song ever recorded?
The first kind of music I learned to play was the blues. My guitar teacher at the time was really into Stevie Ray Vaughan. Little Wing by SRV still impresses me to this day.  He could make the guitar talk in ways very few other guitarists could.Hatch
19.   What’s the most embarrassing that has ever happened to you on stage?
I think I’ve forgotten words before, lost my voice, farted or burped.  All of those were quite embarrassing.
20.  Where and when will people have a chance to see Hatch perform?

Support independent music. Check out Every Ounce By Hatch now

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