Jude Falcon is back with another album review.  This time, Through Fire’s Breathe is the victim.  These dudes just finished up an opening slot on the Art of Anarchy tour and will be kicking ass in America for the next few months.  Korea Guitar reached out to Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, lead guitarist of Art of Anarchy for a quick thought on Througfh Fire, and this is what he said: “Great grooves, melodies & lyrics, performed with conviction – powerful band!”  We couldn’t agree more.  Take it away Jude!

Through Fire is an American hard rock band that hails from the mid-western state of Nebraska. Founded by Justin McCain, the band’s guitarist and producer, they came on the scene in early 2015 and haven’t stopped making heads bang and pissing off parents since. Their debut album is titled “”Breathe” and I have to say it’s a ROCKER!

It takes me back to the days of when “Staind” weren’t pussies and put out songs like “Mudshovel” while “Mudvayne” were blasting beats with “Not Falling”. I truly feel like this album would have soared to the top of the charts and would have been in my CD collection (which is now converted into  MP3 format placed onto my 160 gig iPod classic because music on phones is stupid). That being said, I like the shit out of it. Did they re-invent the wheel? No. Can they kick ass and amp you up at your desk? Most definitely!

All of the songs are played at about the same tempo, with essentially the same feel so diversity may be something they’d like to try in the future, but to each their own. “Stronger” is the single off the album, which is one of the strongest songs on the record and seems to be what everything else was modeled off of, except the intro which is weird and I didn’t really get, but maybe I’m just too old.

All in all the album is a fantastic effort and will please the ears of rock fans, if they don’t crawl back to shitty pop music and god awful hip-hop.

The mix leaves a little to be desired, making the mistake of putting the guitar volume at the same level as the vocals. Also, I could use some deeper bass drum, a snare with higher pitch and MORE bass guitar. Was there even a bassist on this record? Overall the mix has way too much treble for a hard rock record but hopefully these are growing pains and things will improve on the next album.

Good stuff all around if you’re a rock fan and there is even a cover of the horrendous pop song, “Lights”, by Ellie Goulding, that sounds way better by these guys.

Great first album that sounds tight and cool and I look forward for more hair singeing rock from this band.



Justin McCain – guitar

Grant Kendrick – vocals

Patrick Mussack – drums

Jesse Saint – bass


Official site:




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