20 Questions with Dave Tipple of Bobaflex

Bobaflex is a Columbus, Ohio based band with 7 albums under their belt.  Their most recent album, Anything That Moves, is an aggressive monster that slams you in the face from the first note of Start A War and doesn’t let up until Forgiven ends.  They have just released a video for their second single from Anything That Moves, called A Spider In The Dark (See Question 18).  Check Bobaflex out on tour in February and March (Tour dates)with The Veer Union.  Guitarist Dave Tipple was kind enough to answer Korea Guitar’s 20 Questions. Enjoy!

  1. What was the first guitar you ever had and how old were you when you started?

My first guitar I ever learned on was my father’s acoustic Alvarez, which is still around actually.  I was about 13 years old and being that I was already surrounded by music it was inevitable that eventually I would play some sort of instrument.

What are you playing now?

Currently I am playing a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro.

  1. Who was it that inspired you to play guitar and 

Like I said previously, I grew up in a musical family.  Everybody played and they were all great at it.  One in particular is my cousin, Joe.  He was basically the family guitar phenom when we were growing up and I wanted to beat him.  I never did.

When did you realize that this was something you wanted to do professionally?

I realized I wanted to do this professionally when I started getting payed for gigs.  It was like “I get to have a blast and get paid for it?!”  The rest is history.

  1. What was the first concert you ever saw?  How was it?

My first concert was Aerosmith.  They put on a bad ass live show.  I haven’t been the same ever since.

  1. Can you remember the first gig you played?  

I met these guys at a party back in summer of 04′ and they were looking for a guitarist.  I had never been in a band at this point but was down for the cause.  They literally booked a gig less then two weeks out at the VIP Lounge in Hilliard, OH,  and I had to learn around 20 plus cover songs in that short time.  It was scary.  The show sucked.  And, I broke a string the very first song.  I was hooked ever since.

  1. How did you hook up with Bobaflex?Flex_169 edit PRINT

I was fortunate enough to grace the stage a few times with Bobaflex in my previous band ofHuman.  At the time my old band was slowing way down, Flex needed a new guitarist. I applied and luckily, they kind of remembered me.  It has been the coolest experience of my life.

  1. I know you guys must get this question a lot but where did the name Bobaflex come from? 

Shaun (McCoy, vocals, guitar) and Marty (McCoy, guitar, vocals) are huge Star Wars fans.  They originally wanted to name the band Bobafett but legally can’t.  So, that’s where Bobaflex came from.

  1. You joined the band during the recording of Charlatan’s Web.   How much input did you have on the writing and recording of that album?

None.  The previous guitarist laid down all the tracks then just up and quit.  This made my job a lot harder because he was an incredible guitarist!!

  1. I love the new album, Anything That Moves.  Tell us a little about the album.  What are the highlights to you? Bobaflex-Anything-That-Moves

This album is really, really great.  It’s a straight forward rock album with bad ass riffs, melodies and hooks for days.  I had a blast writing and recording this album!  We all sat in a room together for a few months and didn’t leave till it was finished.  It took about 7 months from start to finish. My favorite songs would have to be Start a War, Lose Control, Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away), You Don’t Want To Know, A Spider in the Dark, Turn Me On, and Forgiven..  Basically the whole album kicks hard and I recommend listening to it over and over!

  1. Take us through the writing process.  Do you write together or does one member bring in a song idea?

We had a few months off at the beginning of 2015 and we needed a new album.  We set up our gear in a small room and stared at each other until something came out.  We all had a few small ideas but, it was definitely bare bones in the beginning.  It didn’t take long before songs started forming and things got exciting pretty much right away.  Before you knew it we had more songs then we needed.  That’s when we went to Joe Viers’ Sonic Lounge Studios and recorded it in a few short weeks.

  1. How’s life on the road these days?  You’re in the middle of a winter tour with Orgy. How’s the tour?

The road life these days aren’t so bad.  We have a nice RV with our own bunks and a crew that kicks ass.  I get to travel the country with the coolest people on the planet.  The tour with Orgy has been nothing short of a real good time.  All the bands on this tour package (Orgy, Death Valley High, Bobaflex) bring their best every night making for a great show all round.

  1. What is the definitive Dave Tipple song? 

Hmmm on the new Bobaflex album “Anything that Moves” it would have to be “Lose Control”.

If you are speaking in general terms I would have to say “You Don’t Know How It Feels” from Tom Petty.

  1. What are the most important things every guitar player should know?

Have as much fun as possible.  Always look for like minded individuals with the highest goals to surround yourself with and keep playing every day and never stop.

  1. Can you take us through your pre-show routine? What kind of exercises do you do to get ready for a night of Rock?

I find ways to curb my social anxiety with small sips of whiskey.  Vocal exercises and freak outs.

  1. In your opinion, what is the greatest guitar song ever performed?

This question isn’t fair as there are so many bad ass guitar songs out there.  I would have to have to say the song “Victory” from Megadeth off their 1994 record “Youthanasia”. The solos in this song still blows me away.

  1. I’ve asked this question to many other guitarists:  What are your views on the state of Rock and Roll and the music business in general?

The state of rock n roll hasn’t gone anywhere.  People will always love music, it’s ingrained in the very fabric of the human soul.  The music business on the other hand is another story..  Bottom line, support your favorite artists by going to the shows and buying the albums!!!

  1. Do you work out your solos or do you just wing it?  

During the writing process I usually just wing it until we have to record. By that time I have already got a general idea of what I want to do.  Sometimes I’ll just sit and sing a melody, something that I’d like to hear the guitar do.  Most times the solos write themselves.

Speaking of solos, which scales do you think are the most important to learn for beginning guitarists?

Minor Pentatonic Scale- 5 positions

The basic blues pentatonic scale is the greatest go-to for beginning guitarists.

What advice would you give to beginning guitarists or those who want to make a go of it in the music industry?

Be willing to work for free most of the time.  Make sure to find fellow musicians you wouldn’t mind being stranded with in the mountains in the middle of winter.

  1. What does the future hold for Bobaflex?  How long will you be out in support of Anything That Moves?

The album came out last July, 2015.  We are out supporting the single “Mama (don’t take my drugs away).  By the time this article is out we’ll be supporting the next single “A Spider in the Dark” and then probably do another round with a third single..  I can see us out supporting “Anything that Moves” for the next year or so.

  1. Bobaflex has built a reputation as being an incredibly hard-working band, touring almost constantly.  Do you ever get tired of it?  

Of course every now and again I’ll wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  We are all human.  But, I love what I do and that will never change.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros: you get to travel the country, play rock n roll, and hang out with your best friends!!

Cons: real life sucks.  

  1. How important is image in Rock and Roll?  Do you work on it?  

Image is important.  It’s like curb appeal in real estate and unfortunately people do judge a book by its cover so you have a “look”.  I try to work on it lol. Fashion isn’t really my thing so I always feel stupid and lost when I try to purchase clothing items.  Who had the best image in the history of Rock?

I believe Keith Richards has the image that is above all baddest of asses.



Shaun McCoy (vocals, guitar)

Marty McCoy (vocals, guitar)

Dave Tipple(guitar, back up vocals)

Tommy Johnson (drums)

Jymmy Tolland (bass)


Primitive Epic – 2003



Apologize for Nothing – 2005album-apologize-for-nothing




talesTales From Dirt Town – 2007




Hell in My Heart – 2011bobaflex-hell-in-my-heart




bobaflex_largeCharlatan’s Web – 2013




Anything That Moves – 2015Bobaflex-Anything-That-Moves





Official site: http://www.theofficialbobaflex.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bobaflex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bobaflex

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/theofficialbobaflex


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