20 Questions With Dave Starr

WildeStarr is an American heavy metal band with a brand spanking new CD ‘Beyond The Rain’, which was released in December. Dave Starr (bass and guitar), London Wilde (vocals) and drummer Josh Foster have put together an incredible collection of tunes which ‘takes the listener on a harrowing ride and emotional roller coaster.”

Dave Starr was the bassist in Vicious Rumors, played on Chastain’s In An Outrage in 2004, and has released 3 albums as WildeStarr.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions for Let’s Rock.  Hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to Drake Steel for the questions for Dave!

What’s happening in the land of WildeStarr? 

Dave: Our new CD “Beyond the Rain” just came out on December 8th. Sales are good, and reviews have been great! Been doing lots of interviews and press, promo, etc. Its all good!

Tell us about your history and the other bands you’ve been a part of before Wildestarr began?

Dave: I started playing music in High School around 1977, I was in and out of numerous bands like most guys. 1984 was when Vicious Rumors came together, and I stayed in that band for 10 years. That band put me on the map, we did lots of recording and touring. I did one album (In an Outrage) as a session bassist with CHASTAIN in 2004. I did a few other things over the years, but really not worth mentioning. 

What band or musician has had the greatest influence on you as an artist?

Dave: Can’t really narrow it down to one. Thin Lizzy, KISS, and Judas Priest are my main influences. If I had to say just one person, it would be Phil Lynott.
What venue, town or city has been your favourite to play in up till now?

Dave: WildeStarr does not tour, but if you mean over the course of my career… I would have to say TOKYO Japan with Vicious Rumors
Can you remember your first gig?  How was it? 

Dave: Wow, my first gig? I think I played at someones B-Day party in their backyard. This was around 1980. I don’t recall much about it. I’m sure we were terrible. 
Why the switch from bass to guitar? 

Dave: I still play bass, but I play all the guitars and bass myself on the WildeStarr albums. I do the work normally done by 3 people. It was just something I wanted and needed to do. I think it makes things more personal for London and I if we do as much as we can by ourselves. We do everything on our albums except for Josh Foster playing the drums. 
What is the most memorable moment you’ve had while performing on stage? Any Spinal Tap moments? 

Dave: TOKYO with Vicious Rumors was great, this was back in 1992. Two nights sold out and recording our LIVE album. Just a feeling of being on top of the world. As for Spinal Tap; I stood up on a monitor and slipped, falling into the crowd. This was in Germany I think, touring with Vicious Rumors. I didn’t get hurt that bad but it was embarrassing!

How and when did WildeStarr form as a group?

Dave: London and I have known each other for 30 years, and we have been married for 16 years now. We recorded the CHASTAIN “In an Outrage” bass tracks at our home studio around 2002. London engineered the bass tracks for me, so that was the first time we worked together. We started talking about making our own music and putting a band together. It took a few more years for us to get things really going, but thats the genesis of it. We started writing songs, I got clean and sober in 2005, took up the guitar, and we recorded out debut CD “Arrival” in 2008/2009.

How did the band begin refining their unique style of music?

Dave: Some times you really cant explain things. Our sound & music came together really fast. London and I started working on songs around 2005, this was when I got clean and sober and got serious on the guitar. Its all kind of a blur when I look back on it. I think we (London and I) were just meant for each other in many ways, it was our destiny to be together and make music. So far, we have put out 3 great albums over the last 8 years. 
Was WildeStarr the first name that the band came up with or were there other ideas for band names?

Dave: If we had another one, I don’t remember it. We just put our 2 names together and that was that. It has a nice ring to it. 
How do you know when you’ve created a “HIT SONG”?

Dave: We don’t really write hit songs, we just write music from our heart. But obviously, we want to write the best sounding music we can, and be happy with it, and for others to enjoy it as well. I think London and I just have a great chemistry, and we are able to make some amazing music together. I’m very proud of what we have created over the course of 3 albums now. 
What do you love the most about the recording process?

Dave: Probably when its done!! I get very nervous and wound up in the studio, especially since I really have my work cut out for me playing all the guitars & bass myself. It stresses me out, but I somehow get through it because I know the reward at the end of the day is going to be amazing!
What does your family think about WildeStarr and how does that make you feel?

Dave: My parents are both deceased. They were never crazy about my music career. It caused lots of friction over the years, especially with my dad. My sister and my daughter are both very supportive of what I do, so thats really great.
What musician or band do you identify with the most?

Dave: I’d say Judas Priest. They are the band that’s been the biggest influence on both London and I.

Which one of your songs would you consider to be the most important to be put into a “heavy metal time capsule”? 

Dave: Thats a tough one! I guess I would say “When the night Falls”, off the new “Beyond the Rain” CD. Its just about as perfect a song as you can get, and its my favorite track. It says alot about us and our sound!

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