Marty Friedman – The Korea Guitar interview

Marty Friedman rocks…simple as that!  His most recent album, Inferno (Prosthetic Records), reached #10 on the Billboard Rock Charts.  He is about to embark on his first tour of the U.S. (in support of Inferno) in over ten years.  He has played with Jason Becker in Cacophony, he recorded 5 albums during his  ten years in Megadeth, he has released 12 solo albums and he is a TV star in Japan, where he currently

This is also a first for Korea Guitar.  It’s the first audio recording I’ve posted.  Hopefully it sounds alright.  It’ll only get better as time goes on.

Enjoy this interview with Marty Friedman, and if you’re in the States, get out there and support him on his tour.

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