Bobaflex- Eloquent Demons – A Review

By Ken Vantour

In this day and age, with the music business the way it is,  pumping out 8 albums since 2003 is a testament to both hard work and a never give up attitude.  This definitely describes Bobaflex.  These guys tour constantly it seems, so much so that it’s quite impressive that they actually had the time to record a new album.

I was first introduced to Bobaflex a couple years ago, when New Ocean Media approached me to interview Boba’s guitarist, Dave Tipple.  Never Coming Back quickly became my ‘before work psych myself up’ tune and I have been a fan ever since.

Fast forward to this summer.  A new Bobaflex album, Eloquent Demons, is set for release on August 25.  If you’re reading this, you must have some idea of what Bobaflex is all about.  You also probably know that they have incredibly large balls for covering a classic like Pink Floyd’s Hey You! (Remember that this band did a kick ass version of Sound of Silence BEFORE Disturbed.  BIGGER BALLS)

And if you’re already a fan of the band, you probably also know what to expect from a new Bobaflex album.  Eloquent Demons is exactly what you’d expect, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Great, hard-driving Rock ‘N Roll, filled with catchy, sing along choruses and heavy guitar riffs.  Great vocal harmonies and a killer drum sound.  Tight arrangements with quality production.

I’m not going to go into each song individually.  It’s been done before and all those reviews capture them very well.  What I will say is this:

It’s nice to see that quality music is still being produced in an era where it’s (most likely) not as profitable as Aerosmith/Metallica/Green Day eras.  Kudos to Bobaflex for continuing to rock and create new music.  Kudos for working their asses off to bring live music to their fans.  Kudos on a stellar album.  Eloquent Demons is a great album and the guys, Marty McCoy, Shaun McCoy and Dave Tipple on guitar and vocals, Tommy Johnson on drums (Holy shit! Listen to this bad ass on Say What You Will) and Jymmy Tolland on bass, deserve all the props in the world.

It’s as simple as this:  If you liked Bobaflex before, you will love this album.  If you’ve never heard of Bobaflex before, 1) Get your head out of the sand and 2) You will love this album.

Great work, gentlemen!



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