20 Questions with Jacob Cade


Jacob Cade is an up and coming singer/guitarist/songwriter from Colorado.  His upcoming EP Hunger, is produced by Michael Wagener (Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken) and has co-writing credits with Rachel Bolan of Skid Row, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Paul Taylor from Winger.  He is currently on the road opening for Bobaflex.  Jacob was kind enough to answer Let’s Rock’s first installmetn of 20 Questions.  Check this kid out!!  Don’t forget to like Let’s Rock on Facebook

1.    When and why did you decide that you wanted to be a musician?

I was about 8 when I decided to be a musician. I was in awe with Jimmy Page’s performance on the ‘Song Remains The Same’ DVD and knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

2.     Was guitar your first instrument? 

Guitar was my first instrument

3.     Who was your biggest musical influence?

My biggest musical influences to the day are Jimmy Page, Slash, and Michael Jackson.

4.     What was the first concert you ever saw?

Ozzy Osbourne with Slash opening up for him.

5.    Do you remember the first gig you ever played?

Yes I do. It was at Tailgate Tavern here in Parker, Colorado playing Back in Black when I was around 11 yrs old.   

6.    How important is image in Rock and Roll?  Who has the best image?

It is definitely one of the most important factors to any musician’s success. Slash has one of the best images in the business.

7.     List 5 albums that you think every rock fan should own?

Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction

Led Zeppelin 4

Pump – Aerosmith

Kiss Alive

Moving Pictures – Rush

8.  In your press kit you say “I believe it (your music) is different with what is coming out lately, and that’s what makes it special and appealing.”  Describe how you think it is different from the other music being produced today.

I believe it has a mix of old school rock n roll and modern pop music that no one else is attempting to do these days.

9.  Tell us about your upcoming EP ‘Hunger’.  You’ve got a pretty impressive producer helping you out.

I am so excited to get this music out. I cannot wait to finally get on tour and play all of this music for the fans. The record is energetic and fun to listen to. Very diverse as well. So thankful I was able to work with as many amazing people as I did on this EP especially Michael Wagener.

10.  Talk about writing with some of your co-writers on ‘Hunger’. How did you hook up with them?

I met all of my co writers through Michael Wagener’s connections. Very grateful Michael was willing to introduce me to those incredible musicians like Lzzy Hale, Joe Hottinger, Paul Taylor, and Rachel Bolan.

11.  How did the writing take place?  Did it come from a jam?

Most of the writing just came from sitting in a studio and playing around with different ideas each of the musicians in the room would come up with.

12. You’re about to go out on the road with Bobaflex.  What can the audience expect from your show?

They can expect an energetic and in your face show that consists of ripping guitar, killer vocals, and a beat you can bob your head to. And a jaw dropped to the floor.

13.  Your mom is your manager.  Your dad is your bassist.  How important is it to have family around and having them so accepting to your dreams of being a musician?

It is possibly the most important thing I have going for me throughout this whole journey. Without it I wouldn’t be where I am today, not even close.

14. What’s your secret weapon on stage, aside from your guitar?

That would definitely be my ability to get the crowd into a show and get them to have fun!

15.  If I handed you a guitar and asked you to play the first thing that came to your mind, what would you play?

I would probably start playing an idea for a song I am writing or try and come up with the idea for my next song.

16.  It must be incredibly tough these days to make it as a rocker. It’s a tough industry. What’s the most difficult aspect of trying to ‘make it’?

The most difficult thing for me has been my age. Not many people give a young guy like me a chance.

17.  Just a couple fun questions:  What’s the best rock song ever recorded?

Rock n roll by Led Zeppelin

18.  What do you like to do that doesn’t involve music?

I love fashion and clothes

19.  Is the music you listen to similar to the stuff you play?  What artists that you listen to would surprise people who know you for your band’s sound?

I usually listen to a lot of pop music lately but I also listen to rock n roll a lot. I have a very diverse music library.

20.  What does the future hold for you?

Lots of fun, hard work, and whatever else God has in store for me.


Facebook: facebook.com/jacobcaderocks
Twitter: twitter.com/jacobcaderocks
Instagram: instagram.com/jacobcaderocks
Website: jacobcadeproject.com

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