Let’s Rock Chats With Frank Hannon of Tesla


This is a special interview for Let’s Rock. Seven years ago, when Let’s Rock was Korea Guitar, Frank Hannon was one of the first guitarists I reached out to for an interview. Perseverance and good luck has paid off.

From their first album, Mechanical Resonance, in 1986 to their most recent release, Shock, in 2019, Tesla has sold over 14 million albums in the US alone. The band struck gold with Love Song, from their second album, The Great Radio Controversy, and ultra gold with their cover of Ottawa’s Five Man Electrical Band’s top ten hit Signs on the their live acoustic album, Five Man Acoustical Album.

Tesla has a new single out now: Cold Blue Steel and are on tour across the US with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Frank was cool enough to chat with us from “somewhere in Utah”, about the show with Skynyrd at Red Rocks the night before, the band’s friendship with Def Leppard, Frank’s battle with Covid and so much more.

I hope you enjoy this. I’m sure you will see the joy on my face as I speak with one of my all-time favourite axe-masters.

Thanks for your support.


Jeff Keith – Vocals

Frank Hannon – guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, piano, organ, theremin, bass, mandolin, harmonica

Brian Wheat – bass, backing vocals, keyboards, piano

Troy Luccketta – drums, percussion

Dave Rude – guitar, backing vocals



Official Website






Official Site







Mechanical Resonance (1986)

The Great Radio Controversy (1989)

Psychotic Supper (1991)

Bust a Nut (1994)

Into the Now (2004)

Real to Reel (2007)

Real to Reel, Vol. 2 (2007)

Forever More (2008)

Twisted Wires & the Acoustic Sessions (2011)

Simplicity (2014)

Shock (2019)

Frank Hannon

Guitarz From Marz (2005)

Gypsy Highway (2010)

Six String Soldier (2012)

World Peace (2015)

From One Place…To Another (vol. 1 &2) (2018)

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