Let’s Rock Chats With Kevin Martin of Candlebox

Kevin Martin has been the lead vocalist for Seattle rockers Candlebox since its formation in 1990. The band struck immediate gold with their self-titled debut album in 1993. The single Far Behind was a top 20 Billboard hit, which helped propel Candlebox to quadruple-platinum status. Candlebox toured with several prominent acts in 1994, including Rush and Metallica, and performed at Woodstock ’94.

Kevin Martin (center) and Candlebox in 2021

After releasing Lucy (1995) and Happy Pills (1998), the band disbanded due to problems with its record company. In 2006, Candlebox reunited and has released 4 albums since then, Into the Sun (2008), Love Stories & Other Musings (2012) Disappearing in Airports (2016) and the newly released Wolves.

Kevin was kind enough to sit down with Let’s Rock to discuss the new album, playing Woodstock, the Seattle scene in the 90s, touring with Rush and much more.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Candlebox is:

Kevin Martin – Vocals
Adam Kury – bass, backing vocals
Brian Quinn – guitar
Island Styles – guitar
BJ Kerwin – drums


Candlebox – 1993

Lucy – 1995

Happy Pills – 1998

Into The Sun – 2008

Love Stories & Other Musings – 2012

Disappearing in Ariports – 2016

Wolves – 2021


Official Site





Apple Music


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