Let’s Rock Chats With Ian Hill of Judas Priest

(Note: This post was being written when I heard the news of Taylor Hawkins’ passing. What an incredibly sad day. Many years ago, Alanis Morissette played a media only show at a small club in Ottawa, Canada, called Zaphod Beeblebrox. I was lucky enough to attend the gig, and couldn’t keep my eyes off this madman on the skins. I approached him after the show and told how much I loved his drumming. He handed off one of his sticks and was totally genuine with his thank you. Little did I know that this guy would end up playing for the Foo Fighters and be internationally recognized for his talent. RIP Taylor. You will be missed. Thoughts to his family, his band and his friends.)

Ian Hill has been the bassist for Judas Priest since its inception in 1969. FIFTY THREE YEARS. It’s incredible to think that that little band he started in Birmingham, England all those years ago would eventually become one of the most legendary Hard rock/heavy metal bands of all time. His bass playing is the rock that held down the bottom end for the twin-guitar attack of guitarists Glenn Tipton and KK Downing, and now, Richie Faulkner and Andy Sneap, Hill has never been flashy, but he’s always been rock-solid.

Ian is currently on the road with Judas Priest, celebrating the band’s Covid-delayed 50th Anniversary Tour. Let’s Rock caught up with him as he was preparing for a show in Nashville, Tennessee. He spoke about the tour, Richie Faulkner’s ‘close call’, his first gig and the bass he used, opening bands, and so much more.

(The video has been separated into 6 parts)


Ian talks about the current tour and Richie’s ‘close call’.


Ian talks about the beginnings of Judas Priest and their first gig


Ian talks about his first bass, his relationship with Specter and how his style has changed over the years.


Ian talks about the bands Priest opened for, how they treat the openers on their tours and why the Epitaph tour wasn’t their farewell.


This part is very cool. He chats about the most memorable gigs the band has played.


He wraps up our chat with how much he enjoys Canada, how the new album is coming along and Glenn Tipton.

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